Review Of The Best Sleep Bras

It is true to say that standard bras aren’t comfy to sleep in.

Straps digging into the shoulders, stiff cushioned cups, underwire, and itchy metal closures are reasons why sleeping in a bra may be discomforting.

For some, sleeping without a bra will be as discomforting as sleeping with one, particularly for women with big breasts.

Undoubtedly, getting the best sleeping bra for large breasts is very challenging.

Best sleeping bras to buy

Let us now have a look at our top picks when it comes to sleeping bras

  1. PRETTYWELL stretchy seamless and wireless sleep bras for women

PRETTYWELL Sleep Bra for Women, Comfort Seamless Wireless Stretchy Sports Bra, 3 Pack Yoga Bra, with Removable Pads WA38, Pink, Blue, Purple XXL
  • Comfort Sleep Daily Bra: the comfort lounge bra, wireless clips free and wide...
  • Stretchy Seamless Low-support Sports Bra: with added stretch, our seamless bra...
  • Advanced Italy Knitting Technology: ergonomic design, our seamless sleep bra is...

This bra is available in a pack of 3, and the bra’s fabric is 95 percent nylon and 5 percent spandex. 

The sleep bra isn’t sleek and thin; it’s soft and features a minor thickness. This lets you have a minimum yet firm support to the breasts.

Though some people may describe this as seamless as it features seams together with the shoulder straps. This Prettywell doesn’t have seams on its sides, and it comes with a distinct chest band. 

It is hard to see this distinct chest band, sewn using similar knitting technology as the seams. This feature adds support to bigger breasts without getting constricting.

Each breast pocket features small detachable pads, which allows you to wear them the entire day and take out the pads before going to sleep.

The good thing about the bra is the sizing. It will fit up to 5XL. You can get sizes in Small to 5X-Large. Additionally, you can get 4XL and 5XL bras in the white, nude, and black choices.

You can get the color choices in red, blue, nude, black, purple, pink, and white. And also some light variants in purple, blue, and pink.

You cannot mix and match the colors or purchase them separately. Each set is available in three specific hues.

The front part of this bra’s style features a V-neck design. There’s an additional fabric for every cup that lets the breasts get separated. It features wide straps that have a comfy fitting.


  • The best design
  • An array of sizes that will fit up to 5XL
  • Discrete chest band that is not very tight
  • Three items for the price of one
  • Stretchy and soft material that offers minimum support
  • Detachable pads

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  1. Playtex Women’s Nursing Pullover Sleep Bra 2-Pack

Playtex Women's Nursing Pullover Sleep Bra 2-Pack, Micro Dot Print/Black, Large
  • Constructed of cool comfort fabric that helps keep you cool and comfortable
  • Comfort flex fit wire free wrap pull-over sleep bra for wash-to-fit sizing...
  • Cotton-rich fabrication for comfort

This sleep bra features a crisscross, cotton-rich design for flexibility and ease. You will feel supported and comfy the entire night in this bra.

This bra has concealed pockets for breastfeeding pads and a crisscross front opening for simple breastfeeding access.

The pullover design gets rid of all hardware, so there’s no rubbing against you while sleeping.


  • Convenient two-pack
  • This bra flexes as your size changes
  • Pullover design, so there’s no hardware to rub as you’re sleeping
  • 2-ply cups with concealed pockets for breastfeeding pads
  • Easy access for breastfeeding thanks to crisscross front opening
  • Fabric: 6 spandex, 38 percent polyester, 56 percent cotton
  • You will stay comfy and cool thanks to the Cotton-rich Cool, Comfort fabric.

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  1. Cabales Women’s 3-Pack Seamless Wireless Sports Bra with Removable Pads

Cabales Women's 3-Pack Seamless Wireless Sports Bra with Removable Pads,Navy/Blue/Wine,Large
  • ♥According to the 3000 questionnaires from our Amazon customers,we have...
  • Made of nylon and Spandex fabric; hand wash; do not machine wash, iron or...
  • Ultra-smooth fabric delivers a highly agreeable feel, offering maximum comfo

This bra is made with 4 percent spandex and 96 percent nylon providing utmost comfort.

It is made of a double layer material to control moisture, which keeps you cool and dry during low to medium impact work.

Additionally, this sports bra has detachable pads and will accommodate all sizes. 

Value and cost

This bra is affordable and designed for low impact activities. This Cabela sports bra will also support your chest while preventing injuries. It is available in a pack of 3 and provides an array of different hues.

Medium support

The bra provides medium support for low to medium work like weight training, pilates, and yoga.

This sports bra will pull over the head easily. Cabelas sports bra soft stretching fabric permits full movement with no chafing or rubbing.

Comfort and lightweight

This great bra is lightweight yet body-hugging to provide you with medium support for lower impact work.

It comes with breathable and comfy fabric and doesn’t have straps, hooks, or wires for adjusting. The bra has detachable padding for added support and cover.


  • No hooks or wires
  • Broad straps provide convenience
  • Perfect for sleeping, yoga, running, and everyday wear
  • Nylon spandex helps to make it breathable and comfy


  • Fairly supportive

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  1. Lamaze Intimates women’s maternity overnight nursing wide band shoulder straps bra


This sleep bra is elaborately made for nursing women. The fabric used for making this bra consists of 5 percent spandex and 95 percent cotton.

It supports machine wash if you do not like hand washing. Just throw it in the washer, and you are good to go. 

If you want an inexpensive bra that does what it’s designed for, this nursing bra is the best option.

But if your main concern is texture and aesthetics, this nursing bra might not be the ideal option. If you have a big bust, this bra is good for nursing, but no so much for sleeping.


  • Offers convenient and fast nursing
  • Affordable


  • Not perfect for large-breasted women due to the surplice neckline.
  • Poor quality when it comes to stitching

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  1. Kindred Bravely French Terry Racerback Busty Nursing Sleep Bra

Kindred Bravely French Terry Racerback Busty Nursing Sleep Bra for E, F, G, H, I Cup | Maternity Bra for Breastfeeding (Medium-Busty, Black)
  • EXCLUSIVE BUSTY SIZING - Kindred Bravely Busty sizes are designed specifically...
  • AWARD-WINNING COMFORT - The ultra-soft French Terry Racerback Busty Bra is a...
  • EASY NURSING ACCESS - This nursing sleep bra features easy pull-aside...

Though this is a maternity bra, it is the best choice if you want a comfy sleeping in. Keep in mind postpartum or pregnant women require the comfiest clothes available.

You do not have to be breastfeeding or pregnant to put on a nursing bra, especially with this type. The reason being, nothing is setting it apart from a regular sleep bra.

Like many nursing bras, it has breathable fabric, stretchy, easy closures. Also, they often come with a latch at the strap, which opens every bra cup that makes it easy to breastfeed. 

It does, however, come with comfy, soft fabric that will not compress the boobs. The fabric is super soft, created with bamboo and rayon with 8 percent spandex.

This bra has a lightweight, absorbent material, which is very comfy to wear the entire day or night. 

The bra comes with a distinct crossover design. This will add to the bra’s style and position every breast to one side.

This means that you do not need to worry about one of the breasts sliding down while you sleep to the side. 

There aren’t any underwires, clasps, or hooks that may bother you while sleeping. You do not have to adjust anything for this nursing sleep bra.

It comes with straps created from similar fabric as the area covering the chest and is stretchy and wide.

This product comes with a supportive chest band to help keep the breasts supported and a minimum lift for all sizes.

The size ranges from XS to XXL and also busty and standard for every size. The bra’s back comes with a fully supported racerback design for utmost comfort.


  • A wide array of colors as well as some patterns
  • Does not have additional adjustable padding, clasps, underwire, or hooks
  • Elegant Crossover design, so both breasts stay in place
  • Supportive chest and for minimum lift and support
  • Racerback for additional comfort and support
  • It is good as a yoga bra because of the fabric and style
  • Stretchy and soft wide, thick straps and will not dig into the shoulders
  • A wide array of sizes from XS to XXL that’s available in busty and regular
  • Created with French Terry fabric that’s porous and gets rid of moisture

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  1. CAKYE Maternity Nursing Bra for Sleep Cotton Breastfeeding

CAKYE Women's Maternity Nursing Bra for Sleep and Breastfeeding 3 Pcs/Pack (Large/38B,38C,38D, Black/Deep Grey/Nude)
  • Ultra-soft cotton spandex sleep maternity nursing bra.
  • No underwire, No clasps or hooks to mess with - Very soft and comfortable.
  • Sleep bra has built-in bag, you can insert the breast pads.

This is a non-wired, seamless bra that you can use for yoga as well.

You can get this bra in four sizes (small, medium, large, and XL) and buy it in a pack of three.

Select between an assorted pack in sixteen different colors. The colors include Nude; Dark Grey, Gray, Black, and Nude; Burgundy, Black, and Royalblue; Deep Grey, Black, and more.

The bra is quite soft and completely breathable, so you will easily sleep with it. In addition, the straps are adjustable.

This nursing bra is created with 5 percent spandex and 95 percent cotton. You can wash both manually and in the laundry machine.

Nursing mothers find the cotton-rich material comfortable and healthy. It is ultrasoft and perfect for sleep while wearing it.

There are no clasps or hooks, neither underside to fumble with. It doesn’t have padding and won’t keep the nipples concealed.

But it comes with an inbuilt bag that you can put the breast pads. 

This bra is often created for users with breats that fluctuate in size. They feature a pull-side design that you can use one hand to pull aside.

This helps offer fast access to your breasts and make you have a relaxing experience.


  • For sleeping and lounging
  • Perfect shower gift for a newborn
  • For fluctuating/swollen breast sizes
  • Good for yoga
  • Pack of three bras

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  1. Essential Pump & Nurse All in One Nursing and Hands Free Pumping Bra

Essential Pump&Nurse All in One Nursing and Hands Free Pumping Bra, US Company, Black M
  • Woman Owned, US Company. Ships US. Rumina's Hands Free Nursing and Pumping Bra...
  • SAVES TIME. Simply insert the breast shield through the bottom opening without...
  • CONVENIENT. This crossover design is the FIRST patented pumping bra that allows...

This nursing bra is preferred by many mothers, thanks to the dual functionality. It serves as a nursing and pumping bra.

You can also get it in 5 different sizes, and there’s a bra for every mother. This pumping bra is 10% spandex and 90% cotton.

It is comfy thanks to these fabrics, and you can wear it the entire day. 

It has a “no-holes pumping bra that makes it the only type without a seam, which rubs on your breasts’ sensitive parts.

Its folding layers make sure the nipple does not show through a hole. The bra provides light to moderate support to all pumps.

In addition, it is perfect for tri-semester mothers, thanks to the soft spandex/cotton blend. 


  • Simple to wear
  • Comfy and does not fit too firmly
  • Good to wear the entire day and night


  • It is hard getting the right fit
  • Stretches out after some uses

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Considerations when buying the best sleep bras

When shopping for the best bra to sleep in, the first and most important consideration is comfort and support.

Based on what you feel most comfy in can help you choose which eat sleep rave bra will suit your needs.

Ensure you take this into consideration: 

  • No wires

Avoid sleeping in a bra with an underwire. You’ll never feel comfy with metal poking you.

A sleep bra will not have an underwire, so you need not think about it. Rather, get a comfy chest bra that can provide your boobs with some support while you sleep.

  • No hard materials

The breathable, stretchy, soft material is the perfect choice for a sleep bralette. A standard bra often has tight lace or other tougher materials with a small stretch.

You should not feel constricted while you sleep. Get target nursing sleep bra in a soft material, which provides you with minimum is adequate to sleep in. 

  • No bra adjustments

Padding, closures, and straps on a bra will cause some annoying readjustments. In addition, they are some reasons a bra might be discomforting.

Very rough and tight straps that dig into the shoulder while you toss and turn are not the best. 

And if you loosen them, this will result in the breasts sliding out of the bra, which makes you readjust the bra with each movement.

Unremovable padding will be stiff and, based on your bra type, will move around. Everyone is aware that padding is hard to place back in its normal position.

Plastic or metal closures are hard and itchy. This is most likely the worst thing that may trouble you while you sleep on the back wearing a bra.

  • Chest size

Your breast size will play a huge role in the sleep bra type you go for. It is easy to buy for smaller breasts. 

These do not require a lot of support, and the small breasts do not usually sweat a lot or slide out of bras.

Bigger breasts, conversely, require specific sleeping bras. Once more, this depends on your taste and what you want in a comfy bra.

Women with large breasts need to get breathable material, a bra that will separate each boob, and big comfy straps.

Why wear a bra to sleep?

There are lots of reasons to wear a bra to sleep, including:

  • The women who have had breast implants or undergone surgery might like the additional comfort sleep bras provide them the entire night.
  • Some women think their boobs feel and certainly look firmer as they out on a sleeping bra regularly.
  • Some women prefer keeping the breasts supported, regardless of their size, the entire night as they do in the daytime.
  • A sleep bra provides an element of utmost comfort the entire night.
  • It provides the best level of support for bigger-breasted women, particularly when sleeping on their back or turning over during the night.
  • Women in the childbearing stages find a maternity sleep bra a more practical option for lots of different reasons. This includes convenience when feeding and simply general overall support since their boobs are constantly changing shape.

What kind of bra do you require?

Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Seamless Crop Top, Black, Large
BESTENA Comfort Bra, 2 Pack Seamless Removable Pads Sleep Bras, Yoga Bra, Sports Bras for Women(Black+Nude,Large)
Just My Size Women's Pure Comfort Plus Size Bra (1263), White, 4X
Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Seamless Crop Top, Black, Large
BESTENA Comfort Bra, 2 Pack Seamless Removable Pads Sleep Bras, Yoga Bra, Sports Bras for Women(Black+Nude,Large)
Just My Size Women's Pure Comfort Plus Size Bra (1263), White, 4X
Prime status
Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Seamless Crop Top, Black, Large
Bali Women's Comfort Revolution Seamless Crop Top, Black, Large
Prime status
BESTENA Comfort Bra, 2 Pack Seamless Removable Pads Sleep Bras, Yoga Bra, Sports Bras for Women(Black+Nude,Large)
BESTENA Comfort Bra, 2 Pack Seamless Removable Pads Sleep Bras, Yoga Bra, Sports Bras for Women(Black+Nude,Large)
Prime status
Just My Size Women's Pure Comfort Plus Size Bra (1263), White, 4X
Just My Size Women's Pure Comfort Plus Size Bra (1263), White, 4X
Prime status

Sleeping bras vary greatly from standard bras since they should be entirely wire-free and usually appear different in overall feel and texture than regular day bras.

It’s, therefore, different from the daily bra but at the same time also provides the right comfort and support level throughout.

But even a regular sleeping bra can provide you with lots of options as to its kind, including:

  • Cleavage bras
  • Wireless soft-cup bras
  • Breastfeeding and pumping wireless slip on bras
  • Wireless slip on bras-cup bras

As wonderful as nursing the newborn can be, it will also cause discomfort, particularly in the first days while the breast milk is still coming in.

Looking for the best nursing sleep bra is important for feeling supported and comfortable.

For this reason, you need a medela nursing sleep bra if you want to dress in a bra while nursing, as many non-breastfeeding designs, make it hard to move the bra out of the way for the little one to latch on well.

There are never-ending choices regarding the best nursing bras that are usually made for both nursing and pregnant mothers.

You have daily extra-supporting nursing bras, nursing bras with molded cups, pregnancy sleep bra, pumping bras, and nursing sleep bras.

Is it bad to sleep in a bra?

You have heard people saying that sleeping in a bra will stop breasts from sagging or on the ther hand, cause breast cancer or stunt the growth of breasts.

However, there is no medical proof saying that sleeping with a bra on is bad in contrast to common belief.

Based on the size of breasts, a sleep bra plus size will limit the breast’s movement. This eases breast aches and results in more comfy sleep.

Is it good to sleep in a bra?

The best way to answer this is to list the pros of going to bed wearing a bra.

Benefits of sleeping in a bra?

Even if a bra cannot reverse the effects of size and time, some women still find they like sleeping in a bra, and it comes with some benefits:

  • Alleviates soreness of breasts

For sore and tender breasts, particularly during puberty and specific pregnancy stages or monthly cycles, some physicians can someone to sleep in a bra.

In addition, postpartum moms might select a style of sleeping to manage lactation and support breastfeeding.

  • More comfortable

Particularly for women with a bigger chest, a sleeping bra might help contain boobs while they sleep. To make the most of comfort, get an unstructured sleep bralette that has an inbuilt shelf bra to sleep in at night.

  • Should you sleep in sports bra?

It isn’t bad sleeping in sports bras if they make you comfier.

A bra is usually restraining, and many women ache to get home and remove them. Some stay without a bra in the house or put on bralettes throughout the day. 

Those regularly sleeping in bras say they feel comfy, more secure, and get better sleep.

However, what type of bra do you have to wear to bed? You should get a non-binding, a bit stretchy, soft and breathable bra. 

Advantages of sleeping in sports bras

Why consider sleeping in a sports bra and not a regular one? Here are some reasons:

  • Ideal for breastfeeding women
  • Friendlier on sensitive breasts
  • They do not pinch
  • Many athletic models are breathable and get rid of moisture, making you stay cool
  • Low impact ones are comfier than ordinary bras

– Supportive sleep bra

A sleeping bra is specially made for keeping the breasts properly-supported regardless of the size of the breast.

Simply what you required; the comfy sleep bra plus size will provide you with a lightweight feel rather than the feeling of being imprisoned the entire night.

If you prefer sleeping with the bra, you should get a supportive sleep bra. By doing this, you will still get the comfort and support you want.

What is a sleep bra plus size?

This is usually a bra that’s specifically made to accommodate a large body.

A plus size bra usually has wider straps, proportional bra cups with more coverage, wider band, and other features that make a full-figured woman’s life easier.

Additionally, it is made with a more curvy body in mind, meaning that it fits better than a regular bra that has just been designed in a bigger size.

Whо needs to wear a sleep bra plus size?

These bras are made for:

Those shopping in plus size or full-figured clothes go to stores or departments. 

Women wearing bra bands anywhere between 38 – 42 and bigger, based on the style and brand.

Anyone can wear this type of bra; however, a plus size bra is often marked by its size range; so women who put on smaller ones usually will not wear a plus size bra.

But some women who usually shop in these large sizes often have a different type of body and might find the sizes of a plus size type perfect.

If you have a standard body type on top but look for plus sizes due to thighs, butt, or hips, you might find that a regular bra is good for your size on top.

A cotton bra lets the skin breathe through it. You need to choose a cotton bra if the skin is susceptible to rashes and other skin irritants.

Furthermore, if your breasts are sensitive or simply need a comfortable sleep bra that doesn’t feel tight or pinch against the skin, then a cotton bra is the best option.

A sleep bra front closure is ideal for plunging necklines and low backs. This type of bra is comfy, convenient and you can get it in an array of styles, which might make them suit your needs.

These bras are a lot easier to wear. This is good for those streamlining their everyday routine without having to pull or twist a bra down over the head.

Doing this means the bra is huge. The bras are good for those with the restricted movement who might not reach their back. 

A sleep bra front closure is good for anybody who may have trouble using a traditional bra.

Additionally, the front designs are a choice for breastfeeding mothers who require a new bra but do not want to purchase another breastfeeding bra since they remain the best choices even after stopping to breastfeed.

A front closure bra is also a good sleep bra since the hooks will not get pressed into the skin when lying down.

This is amazing for women with large chests who are not comfortable sleeping without a bra supporting them.

You can also consider purchasing a sleep tank with shelf bra that has the best passing.

With getting old, you may find it hard to fasten the bra and consider looking for an alternative, such as a front closure.

The ideal bras for the elderly should provide a specific level of convenience, comfort, and support.

In addition, these bras have to be ideal for people with arthritis or back pain.

Now you can sleep like a queen that you are.

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