Review Of The Best Silent Wall Clocks

The work of a wall clock is not only to tell and keep time.

Well, certainly, it is functional; however, it can still be fun and fashionable as well.

Using a wall clock is the best way to bring a whimsical touch, complement the decor, or add color to any living space.

A themed wall clock will work great in your kids’ rooms.

Have you ever wondered about the best gift to get for a family member, which includes kids?

If yes, then wall clocks are the best option.

Whether getting a kid-specific themed such as teaching guide walls clocks or butterfly wall clocks for creating exhilaration, a wall clock will fit anyone’s moods and interests.

You know, nothing beats a good night’s sleep.

Not only that. A noisy wall clock will obstruct your attention when you’re watching a favorite TV show or reading your favorite novel.

Then what do should you do? Nothing, simply get a silent wall clock, that’s it. 

However, it appears hard for you when you are shopping for the best silent wall clock for the first time.

You’ll find a lot of models out there. Which one to go for?

Review of the 6 best quiet wall clocks

Here are great wall clocks you can purchase that will also match well with your current room decor.

  1. Adalene decorative wall clock silent Non-ticking

Adalene 13-Inch Decorative Wall Clock Silent Non-Ticking - Vintage Retro Kitchen Wall Clock, Bathroom - Large Wall Clocks for Living Room Décor - Rustic Wall Clocks Battery Operated Silent Wall Clock
  • Elegant bronze with age treatment clock, 13 inch diameter round plastic frame,...
  • COMPLETELY SILENT non-ticking second hand - NO humming sound, Black Arabic...
  • Crystal clear glass cover, Battery operated quartz movement (requires 1 AA...

If you want a new wall clock, which is standard and simple, and suits you, you need to buy the Adalene 13-Inch Decorative Wall Clock.

You’ll love this clock since it looks cool. An essential fact about this product is that it is silent.

Essentially, it is a 13 –inch clock and is created with stylish bronze.

It is easy to read the numbers thanks to the black Arabic numerical analog display.

This wall clock features an appealing dial as all the three hands are black in color and a white background display. 

Adalene 13-Inch Decorative Wall Clock is created with an acrylic crystal cover, which means it’s shatterproof and scratch-resistant.

Although it has a slightly smaller face, it’s very wide for adjusting to any wall.

In the meantime, this wall clock is appropriate to hang, your office, kitchen, dining room, indoors or outdoors, study room, bedroom, or your living room.

But you might use lots of wall clock; however, Adalene 13-Inch Decorative Wall Clock is a contemporary clock that can adjust to any wall color easily.

You only use one AA high-quality battery to operate this clock to get lasting support.


  • It has a contemporary vintage look that will blend in with a lot of different decorative wall paintings, color walls, and furniture.
  • The clock is ideal for a conference room, kitchen, bedrooms, living rooms, indoors or outside, office, study room, family rooms, or dining rooms.
  • The second non-ticking hand is silent; it also has easy to read Black Arabic numeral analog display.
  • The clock comes with a round plastic frame with a diameter of 13-inches. It also has black metal hands and a simple white design. 
  • Its glass cover is clear; needs one AA battery to operate


  • The hand doesn’t make any noise when moving
  • Time is simple to read
  • Faux bronze frame
  • Inexpensive
  • The clock has a 13-inch diameter

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  1. Silent Non-ticking Quartz wall clock – 3D numbers

DreamSky 10 Inches Wall Clocks Battery Operated - Silent Non-Ticking Quartz Wall Clock for Kitchen/Home Decor/Office/School/Indoor, 3D Numbers Display Easy to Read
  • 10 inch basic dial quartz wall clock ,non ticking, quiet sweep second hand...
  • Large and clear 3D intuitive numeric indicator at every hour and minute tracker...
  • Unlike other using cardboard as clock background that easy damaged in moisture...

If you’re shopping for the best quiet clock that’s very silent, then DreamSky wall clock is one of the well-made and simple silent clocks in the market.

The clock’s background is white, and the clock comes with 3 black hands that show the second, minute, and hour.

It will make sure that you have the best work and sleep surroundings, thanks to its ten-inch quartz wall.

But you can adjust the clock to your office, kitchen, house, or bedroom.

The clock is noticeable from any of your room’s corner since the numeric indicator is huge.

It also comes with a 3D view that helps track time quite clearly. 

Most of the clock has cardboard in the back and become damaged easily in wet season and moisture.

Conversely, this wall clock that does not tick back is created with lightweight US sourced pure ABS plastic with weather-resistant hands, lenses, and cases.

For this reason, it stays dry and does not become damaged in any condition.

It features a simple, stylish yet classic black frame that is appealing and great for using a room decor.

Also, it is easy to install the non-ticking wall clock target. Simply use the hook to hang the clock to your preferred spot, and you’re done.

This wall clock runs by a single AA battery, which lasts for longer.

It comes with a 10 x 10 x 1-inch size display, and the hues available are pink and blue. 


  • The clock is operated by one AA battery to offer long-term battery life. It is the best decoration wall clock for the hospital, kitchen, house, classroom, and office library.
  • Get the best work and sleep surroundings thanks to this wall clock’s non-ticking and second hand sweep feature. The clock is ideal for classroom, office, or home; any area you need precise timekeeping.
  • While other clocks use a background made os cardboard, which spoils in wet months and moisture easily, this amazing clock has a solid plastic back base. For this reason, it stays dry and functions well in any weather.
  • You can use this clock in your living room, thanks to its classic black frame. It is simple yet stylish; use it as an additional décor in your house.
  • The 3D intuitive numeric indicator is big and clear at each hour.


  • Used ABS plastic is weather-resistant; Lasts longer
  • Clock time is easy to read
  • This wall clock is noise-free
  • The clock is 10-inches in size

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  1. Noiseless gear wall clock – Large 3D retro rustic

23" inch Noiseless Silent Non-Ticking Wall Clock - Large 3D Retro Rustic Country Decorative Luxury Art Big Wooden Vintage Steampunk Industrial Decor for House Warming Gift,(Roman Numeral,Anti-Bronze)
  • [❤ 100% silent ] noiseless non-ticking quartz movement. Please wait and see...
  • [❤ Lightweight MDF wood design] 23" (58cm) diameter, 0.55" thick , Material:...
  • [❤ New improved hands for better visibility] No Assembly Required. AA battery...

This 23″ inch Noiseless Silent Gear Wall Clock is the best and comes with a unique look and completely noise-free feature.

Although it is a little costly, this wall clock comes with a unique design and features. 

The clock features the Quartz movement, and the hand runs smoothly, which is why this clock does not make a tick-tick sound.

This wall clock has 2 hands. When using for the first time, insert the battery and see the clock hands if it’s functioning or not. 

The manufacturer of this clock uses metal hands, fiberboard, and hand-painted wood. So it will be best to use this clock as wooden wall art.

The clock is created with MDF fiberboard, which makes it lightweight to hang to any area.

Two concentric circles use used to attach the clock’s frame, which helps retain the numbers.

Also, in the middle, you’ll find three gear wheels connected to make this wall clock more appealing.

The gear wheel stays intact. This clock functions with an AA battery.


  • The clock offers better visibility thanks to new enhanced hands. You do not need to assemble the clock.
  • 100% silent non-ticking quartz movement


  • Non-ticking silent clock
  • Clock movement offers thirty days return and lifetime warranty
  • This large size wall clock is 23-inches
  • Has a unique and appealing design
  • Created with metal hands, MDF fiberboard, and painted wood

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  1. Modern silent wall clock with accurate sweep movement

hito Modern Silent Wall Clock Non Ticking 10 inch Excellent Accurate Sweep Movement Aluminum Frame Glass Cover, Decorative for Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Bedroom, Office (Silver)
  • hito non ticking wall clock uses sweeping second hand to guarantee true silence...
  • hito white wall clock in silver comes with large black numbers and hands. And...
  • hito modern silent wall clocks also serve as kitchen, living room, bathroom,...

This wall clock has a diameter of 10-inches, with 4 color choices and a silvery metal frame.

If you want for your house, then consider buying a clock with white face and black numbers, minute markers as well as hands.

But if you are looking for something unique, go for grass green, sky-colored.

Additionally, you can go for black backgrounds, with hands and markings that are white in color.

As expected, the pushed in Arabic numbers are smaller compared to other clock models but are still visible, while the minute mark is arranged around the clock face outskirts.

The clock features three hands, where two move in constant silent sweeping motions. This wall clock runs on one AA battery.

Lastly, hito Modern Silent clock comes with 2 additional features, above six and under number twelve.

There is a Fahrenheit and Celsius thermometer above the clock face center section and a hydrometer beneath it.


  • Hydrometer and thermometer
  • Green, blue, and black faces with white details or white background with details
  • Silver aluminum frame
  • Needs an AA battery
  • Diameter measuring 10-inches


  • Inexpensive
  • Humidity gauges and attached temperature
  • Choice of 5 different colors
  • Silver aluminum frame
  • Non-ticking noise-free wall clock

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  1. Non ticking silent wall clock battery operated

Fzy.bstim Non Ticking Silent Wall Clocks Battery Operated,10 Inch Quality Quartz Analog Wall Clock with Thermometer and Hygrometer,Decorative for Kitchen,Living Room,Bathroom,Office,Garage(Black)
  • NON TICKING SILENT WALL CLOCK -- Super quality Quartz Sweep Movement guarantees...
  • CLASSIC STAINLESS STEEL FRAME -- Special and elegant design will make a stunning...
  • MULTIFUNCTION CLOCK -- Wall clock with thermometer and hygrometer...

This is the best ornamental clock as well as simple to read and understand.

It features a continuous sweep quartz movement with the newest technology.

This will give you a noise-free room and precise time.

The wall clock comes with an attached glass cover, which makes it ideal.

Conversely, it has a bracket to help you use it as a desk/table clock.

This Fzy.bstim clock features a premium quartz sweep movement, which guarantees and shows precise time.

Because of these non-ticking features, the clock offers a quiet atmosphere.

Another good thing is that this wall clock comes with a hygrometer and thermometer, which makes sure that you have the precise humidity and temperature calculated by the sensor.

Furthermore, the wall clock is stylish and eye-catching due to its classic dial face and metal frame.

It is easy to adjust this silent best wall clock to suit your living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, or any other area.

The wall clock’s power is mostly run by AA size battery that’s not included.

For this reason, you should remember that the best battery can save the clock’s energy, and you can use it for a long time.

Another great feature is its traceless hook that allows you to install the clock in any area in your house easily.


  • Simple to install- It has a smartly made hook with already installed brads; simply press in and won’t damage your wall.
  • The clock has a hygrometer and thermometer function; a built-in sensor makes sure you have precise humidity and temperature readings.
  • Stylish and special design makes a striking addition and makes it easy to match in any interior of your bedroom, kitchen, living room, or any area of your home.
  • You get a completely silent environment and precise time from this non-ticking silent wall clock.
  • Operates with one AA battery


  • Cover made of glass and frame created with frame
  • Get to see humidity and temperature readings thanks to hygrometer and thermometer
  • Noiseless clock that’s also easy to read
  • 10-inch diameter wall clock

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  1. Quiet Wall Clock with Large 3D Numbers – Quartz

Cockii Large Number Wall Clock,13 Inch Silent Non-Ticking Quartz Decorative Round Clock, Battery Operated, Easy to Read for Home, Office, School (Black)
  • 13 Inch 3D Wall Clock: Large white raised numbers against the black dial plate...
  • Super Quiet Clock: Non-Ticking design makes it comfortable for your rest and...
  • Use friendly and Easy Installation: Glass lens Integrated with plastic frame...

This product has a perfect design and is configured to suit your needs.

The clock makes sure that you have a noise-free room always. It is a stylish and simple wall clock.

Cockii Wall Clock has 3D numbers and classic second, minute as well as hour hands for measuring each step of the time.

The major difference between this wall clock and others is the hand crystal glass lens for a clear view and the frame created with ABS plastic.

This non-ticking wall clock has a 13-inch diameter. Above all, it features large white numbers in the black background to make it easily readable.

This wall clock is perfect for a library, gym, hotel, bathroom, classroom, office, kitchen, living room, and bedroom.

When some models are hard to install and set up, the back of this wall clock has a nail slot and a hanger as well.

This will easily allow you to hang this clock on the wall.

It requires a top-quality AA battery to operate the wall clock for longer as the clock saves power.


  • The best clock for hotel, living room, bedroom, office, restaurant, bathroom, classroom, etc.
  • Easy to install and user-friendly: Glass lens incorporated with plastic frame well and stops the infiltration of dust. Easy to install thanks to the offered installation kit. You can hang the clock on the wall easily.
  • The non-ticking design makes this noiseless clock comfortable for working and rest time.
  • It offers a clear view and is readable thanks to the big white raised numerical against the black dial plate. An accurate quartz movement guarantees a precise time. 
  • Need an AA battery


  • ABS material is fog and water-resistant
  • 3D numbers and crystal glass front
  • The clock is noise-free thanks to quartz movement
  • 13-inch diameter wall clock

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