Tulo Vs Tulo Liv Mattress Detailed Review

Your choice of a mattress is a very important venture that assures you of your comfort when having your beauty sleep.

You want to choose a mattress that is of good quality and easy on your pocket too.

It should be neither too firm nor too soft so that you can be comfortable while you sleep.

It is very hard to get a mattress with the right qualities all in one.

With the Tulo brand, you have every good quality in one mattress.

Mattress Firm, your mattress experts of choice, bring you the Tulo- their first bed in a box!

While other brands will not allow you to test the mattresses in the store before purchasing it online.

Testing your mattress in advance ensures that you get the mattress that is right for you.

Tulo Liv is the latest type of the Tulo, although sometimes the original is always the best.

Let’s explore Tulo vs Tulo Liv further so that you can decide on the best Tulo.

Review of the Tulo Liv mattress

LIV Mattress by tulo, California King Size 9 Inch Bed in a Box, Great for Sleep and Optimal Body Support
  • With a soft layer of lumagel on top and supportive layers of memory foam...
  • Package Dimensions: 19 L x 42 H x 19 W (inches)
  • Included components: Mattress

The Tulo Liv is all of the Tulo goodness enfolded in one for a very reasonable price.

While it does not have different firmness options, it is designed with the various kinds of sleepers in mind.

This is achieved through its LumaGel technology.

Besides, a queen goes for the unbeatable price of $490!

The Tulo Liv provides superb support and pressure relief.

It also comes with the stamp of approval from Mattress Firm stamp, free shipping, sleep trial for 120 days, and a warranty that goes up to 10 years.

The difference will not be noticable.

The Tulo Liv is your impeccable weighing scale between support and cushion, cost and quality.

Tulo mattress review

Because each person’s preference is different, the Tulo provides you with three options of mattress firmness; firm, medium, and soft.

Irrespective of your choice, each Tulo mattress has four foam layers that help in support and pressure relief.

As much as there is a difference in the level of firmness, each of the options is similar to the Tulo.

The three have the soft, breathable cover and the stamp of approval from Mattress Firm.

For all of them, the queen costs $750 with a free shipping offer as well as a sleep trial of up to 120 nights and a 10-year warranty.

Mattress by tulo, Pick your Comfort Level, Medium Queen Size 10 Inch Bed in a Box, Great for Sleep and Balance Between Soft and Firm
  • Finally, a bed that suits your sleep style! a tulo medium mattress is the...
  • Our medium mattresses are great for people with multiple sleep positions,...
  • Tulo’s four-layers provide the optimal comfort and best night’s sleep. The...

The firm mattress from Tulo is your best choice as a back sleeper and specifically if you would like some extra back support.

On a scale of 1 to 10, the firm feel will be about 7.5-8.

The best choice for the sleepers who change their sleeping positions often and generally all sleepers, is the Tulo medium mattress.

It is also perfect for those who are stomach sleepers and on the firmness scale, it scores a 5.

Lastly, the Tulo soft is the plushest and is perfect for the side sleepers.

Full review of Tulo Liv vs Tulo mattress

On the firmness scale, it scores a 3.

Let us find out more about the three.

The value of Tulo vs Tulo Liv

If cost equals to value for you, then Tulo Liv scores the highest in this category.

For only $490 for a queen-size Tulo Liv, you will have long-lasting materials along with the 120-night sleep trial, a 10- year warranty and to top it all, free shipping.

Therefore, the Tulo Liv is the way to go if you value cost over quality.

Although $750 may be on the expensive side for a queen, it comes with an extra layer, along with an extra thickness of 1”, and a customizable firmness.

Additionally, you will have the best quality of materials for a lot less than the cost of memory foams that are available.

To top it all, sleeping trial for 120 days, your warranty of 10 years, and free shipping.

Which other deal can beat this one for only $750, or a lesser amount with the up-to-date discounts!

Mattress by tulo, Pick your Comfort Level, Medium California King Size, 10 Inch Bed in a Box, Great for Sleep and Balance Between Soft and Firm
  • Finally, a bed that suits your sleep style! a tool medium mattress is the...
  • Our medium mattresses are great for people with multiple sleep positions,...
  • Tulu's four-layers provide the optimal comfort and best night’s sleep. The...

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Tulo Comfort:

With its three options of firmness, it ensures that you are comfortable on the Tulo mattress.

The three levels of firmness have similar 4 layers and 10” structure. Its first layer hugs you and relieves pressure while you sleep.

The second layer is made of poly foam, which makes it bouncy and easy moving.

Under it, is a firm poly foam layer, creating a seamless switch between the top, and foundation layers.

The foundation layer provides a supportive and balanced feel, regardless of whether your choice is the firm, medium, or soft.

The following the differences in comfort in the different levels of firmness.

Using 1 through 10 scale for firmness, the options will be as follows: soft is 3, the medium is 5, and the firm is 7.5- 8.

You definitely will be able to feel the difference in firmness in each of the options.

The soft Tulo is ideal mostly for side and back sleepers. You will be sinking in a little more because of its softness on top and provides some shape to your hips and shoulders.

The Tulo with medium firmness is perfect for any sleeper because it is precisely in the middle of the two.

It offers the perfect balance between your much-needed support and softness. It is also perfect for couples because its firmness is one you will both agree on.

Lastly, the firm Tulo mattress is the perfect choice for both the back and stomach sleepers since its added firmness does not allow you to sink in too much.

It is also perfect for heavier people because it will give you a softer feel than most mattresses.

You will not go wrong with the choice of the perfect Tulo mattress since you are the one who knows how you sleep.

Tulo vs Tulo Liv – Sleeping Cool:

As much as foam mattresses are known for holding heat, Tulo and Tulo Liv attempt to use numerous methods that limit overheating.

LumaGel in Tulo Liv just speaks of coolness. This top layer maintains the temperature in a very unique way.

While the Tulo does not have gel, it uses an airier layer of memory foam that also dispels heat than memory foams.

Nonetheless, this will be the mattress for you if you need a coil system of a convoluted layer that increases airflow.

An extra tip is that if you opt for the firm level, you will not sink into the mattress but will sleep on top. Which will keep you cooler.

Tulo vs Tulo Liv – Motion Transfer:

Both Tulo and Tulo Liv both remove motion transfer, as is the nature of most foam mattresses.

It uses the best quality of memory foams and assorted forms that immediately absorbs vibrations. This is perfect for avoiding sleep disturbance for couples especially.


For light sleepers, you can be assured of the best sleep since you will not be disturbed.

Each of Tulo’s firmness options offers you limited motion firmness.

Tulo Liv mattress Coziness:

The Tulo Liv makes your dream of coziness and cost come alive.  It fits any sleeper because of its medium-firm feel.

Should you love plushness over firmness, then the Tulo Liv may not be the best option for you but will be a perfect fit, for everyone else.

The gel-infused top layer conforms to each of your body’s pressure points.

It not only maintains support but it also provides enough cushioning for the shoulders for side and back.

The Tulo Liv is your supportive and pocket-friendly mattress that you’ve wanted.

It is perfect for the supportive needs of both stomach sleepers and even heavier sleepers.

Generally, the Tulo Liv is still responsive while it offers you support and pressure relief in all the right places.

Couples are in luck because Tulo Liv will give you both a very satisfied sleep.

Tulo vs Tulo Liv mattress – Edge Support:

Foam mattresses usually fall short of the edge support feature.

Tulo and Tulo Liv mattresses give you a sturdy sleeping surface from the middle towards the edge.

However, should you require the edge support that allows you to sit on the edge of the mattress, look again.

The Tulo mattress will not offer you the support you need for sitting on them for extended periods.

The firm Tulo will definitely be firmer than the soft Tulo but will still not offer you the ample support.

Materials used in the Tulo Liv Mattress:

The Tulo Liv, on the other hand, has 3 layers of foam and is 9”. Its foremost layer is a LumaGel layer.

It uses the highly airy abilities of gel infusion that provides you with relief on your pressure points, and temperature control.

The thought of gel makes a cool feeling run through you. The support layer makes the second layer.

This all-foam layer will lift you and support you and will put an end to your tossing and turning because of its dense and durable foam.

Finally, at the very lowest part of the mattress, is its foundation layer.

It has 5” base foam of compact and supportive foam. This foundation layer has the much-needed support for a good night’s sleep.

All the support you need for the best sleep ever is in the foundation layer.

Even without firmness options, the Tulo Liv affords you the highest quality of materials that you require for your beauty sleep.

Materials used to make Tulo Mattress

The Tulo has 4 layers of foam and is 10” thick.

Its first layer is 2” is made of Proprietary Memory Foam and is 3.25 lb.

It has a combination of titanium particles and extraordinary quality, airy, Cool Flow Memory Foam.

The first layer distributes your weight evenly and provides pressure relief. The second layer of Responsive Poly Foam is 1.5”.

The peak and valley structure built in this layer encourages airflow and disperses the heat, in addition to its comfort and responsiveness.

This High Resiliency Firm Foam forms the third layer and is 1.5”.

This exceptional layer has use the strut technology to construct a mattress that reduces firmness while at the same time keeping its durability.

While this layer provides the needed support, it is also a transition layer to the base foam from other parts of the mattress.

Lastly, the Tulo mattress is incomplete without the base foam, which is 5”.

This layer is the main of the Tulo mattress that provides its resilience, support, and coziness.

Tulo vs Tulo Liv – Warranty and Trial Period:

Your trusted Tulo brand deals you the same level of the period of trial and warranty all through.

For Tulo and Tulo Liv, you will get your sleep trial of 120 days and a warranty of 10 years.

These are customary or even exceptional and guarantees that you are getting quality products from the company that cares for its products.

In case you are unsatisfied with Tulo or Tulo Liv, and we very much doubt that you will, the returns are not only free but also easy.

Tulo customer support will happily help you to have your returns underway.

Remember that the Tulo commends that you use your mattress for not less than 30 consecutive nights so that the foam settles for you to have a true feel of the mattress.

For specifics on the Tulo warranty or the period of trial, get additional information at Tulo.

Delivery & Unboxing: Tulo vs Tulo Liv

LIV Mattress by tulo, California King Size 9 Inch Bed in a Box, Great for Sleep and Optimal Body Support
  • With a soft layer of lumagel on top and supportive layers of memory foam...
  • Package Dimensions: 19 L x 42 H x 19 W (inches)
  • Included components: Mattress

There is no need to sweat the delivery process of your mattress since the delivery is the same for Tulo and Tulo Liv.

For both, the shipping of your favorite brand is complimentary.

Your Tulo or Tulo Liv, of 75lb. or 57lb. respectively, will arrive in 3-5 days of the order via FedEx, and then a good night’s sleep will be yours!

There is also an option for a red carpet delivery.

For this, the professionals from Tulo will unfold a red carpet, don their small plastic booties, then change your old mattress for your new one.

This fanciful show ensures that the house remains clean after the mattress delivery.

Should you opt for the standard delivery, remember that the Tulo and Tulo Liv mattresses are no ordinary mattresses.

Once you get your new mattress to where you would want it, put it at one side of your room (or floor), unfold it then cut through the plastic, and see your lovely mattress comes alive.

Because all the Tulo mattresses are manufactured in the US, there should not be much of off gassing since they have been made using only the certified CertiPUR materials.

Nevertheless, you can notice a little new mattress odor that is generally harmless.

However, if you are very sensitive to odors, you can have a window opened or leave the room for the smell disperse as your mattress expands.

Tulo vs Tulo Liv – Summary:

With both Tulo and Tulo Liv, there is the peace of mind which will assure you that you have a long-lasting mattress.

The questions are then, do you need 3 or 4 layers? 9” of 10”?

Or your personalized firmness?

All in all, you get more with the Tulo – 4 layers and 10”.

That, combined with three firmness options, you will without a doubt get a mattress that fits perfectly to your preferred style of sleeping.

Should you need a mattress for a sleep emergency that is comfortable and affordable, then Tulo Liv is your go-to mattress.

To confirm all that we are saying, visit Mattress Firm and go for our Tulo or Tulo Liv today.

We will see you soon!

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