Top 10 Types Of Mattresses – Pros And Cons

Everyone spends lots of time in bed.

Therefore, it is important to take into consideration what you’re sleeping on.

These include the type of bedding, pillow, bed and of course a quality mattress.

If you’re looking for a new mattress, you should first educate yourself about the different kinds of mattresses in the market.

There are various kinds that you can decide on.

They can also vary in their features, construction, and materials.

Below is some important information to help you in learning the wide array of mattress types.

Top rated types of mattresses today

  1. Memory foam mattress

If you want the best comfort and support, particularly as a side sleeper, the best choice is memory foam.

This type of mattress is well-liked due to the way it slowly conforms to the body while you’re sleeping.

If you are a side sleeper, the mattress provides the needed support to your hip and shoulder.

It contours to the body and lets you feel to a degree surrounded by the mattress while getting support.

In terms of comfort, a memory foam mattress has a quite high rate of buyer satisfaction.

But that isn’t the only reason you might want to buy memory foam.


  • Provides side sleepers should and hip support
  • Relieves pressure point thanks to the comfortable material supporting your body
  • Foam layers help in resisting sagging in the center
  • It will create a sinking in feeling as it fits closely around your body
  • Low motion transfer/motion isolation


  • It can be costly based on the model.
  • It will not conform fast enough if you’re moving around while sleeping
  • You might sleep hot; however, innovation in foam technology, such as gel foam, has helped in solving this

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  1. Gel Memory Foam Mattress

If you are searching for a mattress that will fast bounce back to its original form when you’re releasing pressure, the best option is a gel foam mattress.

You can also get mattress topper with gel for an even better good night sleep.

In a smart gel mattress, the gel is often added to a foam mattress in the upholstery layer or support system.

It comes with a little different feel than a foam mattress, so you might have to test it out to determine which feel you want.

Additionally, a gel mattress will help to dissipate the heat of your body effectively.

For this reason, if you hate the way some memory foam absorbs the heat of your body, a smart gel is the best option.

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  1. Innerspring mattresses

An innerspring mattress is one of the most sought after mattress types in the market.

These mattresses are often created with a steel coil support system, which consists of springs that are connected into one unit.

Usually, the greater the coil numbers, the comfier this mattress is.

The best thing about an innerspring mattress is that it’s available in different quality and types.

They help support side sleepers, belly sleepers, and back sleepers.

Based on the needs you have, you will feel comfy with the correct kind of innerspring.

Another benefit of this model is that it’s widely available and cheap.

But it isn’t the best to relieve pressure points and pain.

In addition, it’s known to get noisy as the springs start wearing out.

It’s also not ideal for light sleepers as the mattress doesn’t permit easy movement when tossing or turning.


  • The air between coils makes this mattress the coolest one in the market
  • Offers support and firmness
  • Provide a springy feel
  • Good versatility in springs and variety
  • Inexpensive


  • Often wears out quicker
  • Might get noise with clear high-pitched sound when you’re moving around
  • Might be too firm for some people
  1. Latex mattresses

This mattress is popular as it is affordable and durable.

A latex mattress is perfect for pregnant women, middle-aged people, and children. 

What makes this mattress different from other bed types is the way in which it’s processed.

Each latex mattress type features a distinct way of processing, which is behind its distinct features.

This mattress is the best at relieving pain.

It is also resistant to mold and dust mites, ideal for spine alignment, free from allergens, and eco-friendly. 


  • Good for persons plus-size sleepers and low-back pain
  • Elevating, pushing and supporting the body
  • Durable; will last for twenty years
  • It will conform to your body faster than a foam mattress
  • Very comfortable
  • Environmentally friendly, preventing allergens and harsh chemicals


  • Quality of latex is different, buyers need to research well
  • Often costly
  1. Hybrid mattresses

This mattress is a combination of innerspring mattresses and memory foam.

The mattress fuses the perfect qualities of both innerspring and memory foam in a single product.

In that way, it offers you a better sleep experience.

This mattress will offer the best regulation of temperature, reduce motion transfer, and offer good pressure release.

When looking at the features of both innerspring and memory foam, you’ll find that each of them will lack some elements present in a hybrid type.

The main challenge of this mattress is the problem of structural weakness because of a mixture of a number of properties.


  • Will contour to your body better than an innerspring model
  • Will balance softness and support
  • Simpler moving around than memory foam
  • Very easy to customize


  • Consumers can find it overwhelming because of the availability of types and options
  • Likelihood of structural weakness because of the mixture of materials used.
  1. Pillowtop mattresses

These are also sometimes called Euro top mattresses.

These mattresses have a pillow-like layer, which forms the mattress’s top and offers an extra cushioning layer.

A pillowtop mattress is often used together with a premium, coil, or innerspring mattress.

This mattress is often created with different materials that provide various perks like added bounce, cooling, extra comfort, and durability.

Some of the materials used in making this mattress are fiber film, wool, foam, or memory foam.


  • They bounce back fast
  • They permit breathability and usually offer a cooling effect
  • These mattresses maintain their shape
  • Washing is a breeze


  • They might be very soft for those whing for a firmer mattress
  • The pillowtop may emit a slight smell
  • They might be less costly

7. Pocketed coil mattress

There are lots of other types of mattresses available in the market offering support, comfort, and that last for years.

So what makes pocket coil mattresses different from other choices?

Pocket mattresses are one of the best choices if you need the most support or comfort.

Choosing this kind of mattress an easy decision, but difficult the task is determining which model and brand name will suit everyone sleeping in your bed.

What makes this mattress sought after is that it will get rid of much of the motion across the bed’s surface.

This will let couples sleep comfortably without any bit of movement from one individual disturbing the other.

Cooler sleep

Pocket coil mattresses let air flow through the bed, which creates a cooler surface for sleeping all through the night.

This helps in creating a cooler sleep surface for a more relaxed, deeper sleep.

Total comfort

Every coil in this mattress will respond independently to your body’s contour.

This will let them fill in the spaces of your sleeping form.

Additionally, it will offer the best adjustment while sleeping, which enhances comfort by minimizing pressure points while making sure you get the best support.

Improved durability

A pocket coil mattress features fabric encased coils, which are more durable than simple innerspring mattresses.

This design will let the majority of these mattresses last longer than most other types of mattresses.

8. Air mattress

When it comes to the air mattress or bed, the main support is a chamber that’s filled with air.

This chamber is cushioned using fiber upholstery or foam.

In addition, it is adjustable, letting you adjust the mattress’s firmness.

Some types let you adjust the mattress sides separately.

Back sleepers will benefit a lot from this mattress.


  • Sagging is never a problem as you can refill it.
  • Easy capability for changing the level of firmness
  • Some of these beds offer several settings for accommodating your needs and those of your partner


  • May be expensive
  • You might need a pump
  • It’s often available with a lower- quality warranty

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9. Foldable Mattress

Folding mattress which are also known as foldable mattress are portable mattresses that are easy to handle and also move from one place to another.

If you have a foldable bed then a fold up mattress will come in handy.

They are different from the normal and traditional form of mattress since they are easily folded up and placed in storage for later use.

If you are a fun of camping a foldable mattress can come in handy due to their ultra-high portability.

Furthermore, if you get unexpected guest and you need to offer them a comfortable mattress then what you must have is a folding mattress.

When you decide to buy a fold up mattress there are some factors you’ll need to look at to help you pick the perfect foldable mattress.

10. Purple Mattress

If you are look for pocket friendly mattress to buy them a purple is the right pick.

In addition, with a purple mattress you are able have control of pressure across your body while you sleep.

This aspect to enabled the the purple grid comfort layer.

Are you looking for comfort and a cool feeling while you lay sleep?

Then you need to buy a purple mattress.

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We know making a choice of the mattress to pick is not easy but we are here to help you in doing that.

All the best.