Which Detergent Is Better, Tide Or Gain?

The Procter and Gamble Company own both Tide and Gain brand names.

Though these two brands are top-selling laundry detergents, most buyers like one better over the other and will always use the same type of product.

The same manufacturer produces Tide and Gain; however, these are marketed differently.

The main purpose of a detergent is to get rid of smells and stains from filthy garments effectively, and only a handful of products do it better than Tide and Gain.

Tide’s reputation is they are the toughest product on stains, but Gain is popular for its dependable cleaning power.

Difference between Tide and Gain detergent

Here’s the major difference between the two brands.

Tide vs Gain detergent best price:

  • Generally Tide is costlier than Gain; however, the real difference in cost will depend on which detergent you purchase and the place you purchase it.
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Cleaning power – gain or tide, which is better:

  • Studies showed that Tide ranked higher than Gain when it comes to the ability to clean up, but Gain ranks close to the top as well.

Product offerings:

  • Gain will help make dish detergent, dryer sheets, and fabric softener, while Tide is totally focused on laundry detergents.

Gain and Tide fragrance choices:

  • Tide provides six different fragrances, while Gain provides eleven.

Main advantage of both tide and gain detergent:

  • Tide is popular due to its better cleaning ability, while Gain is popular due to its array of lasting and fresh smelling fragrances.

Choosing which detergent to purchase is not the most important decision you should make for your home.

However, since it will impact the garments you wear daily, you need to get the right one.

Product varieties

You can use both the brand names in various products, including fabric softeners and powdered and liquid detergents.

In some countries, Tide is also popularly referred to as Alo and Ace. Gain is mostly because of its appealing fragrance.

Each brand is available in an array of different fragrances, as well as varieties that provide different functions like removing stains.

The two brands of detergents that have Febreze will generate great results in terms of fragrance.

The success of Tide comes from its capability to innovate and evolve as the needs of users change.

Over the years, this product has constantly advanced its formula incorporating color-safe bleach and enzymes that fight stains to their products to boost clean up power.

Clean up power for both gain and tide

Tide and Gain are effective and popular laundry cleaners. Some find Gain to be more effective than Tide, especially when trying to cope with filthy garments or remove stains.

Tide is a powerful, more concentrated product compared to a lot of other detergents out there.

This makes it effective at cleaning up bed sheets, towels and clothes. However, they may wear clothes fast and fade their color.

In addition, it can make this laundry detergent more likely to irritate sensitive skin.

Therefore, using Tide on infant cloth may result in issues, and those susceptible to skin ailments like eczema might have to get a gentler product.

Tide manufactures top-quality cleaning products, which are specifically formulated to get rid of stubborn smells and stains.

Tide’s formulas have been for years are very effective at getting rid of stains that you hardly ever have to use laundry boosters or pre-heat.

Price of tide and gain detergent

Tide is often costlier than Gain, though prices are different, and these two brands are often sold at the same prices.

Most buyers can switch between these two brands based on the existing price ranges in their preferred store.

For instance, you get a product that’s at present inexpensive because of a special offer or sale.

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Differences and similarities of tide and gain

  • Tide is a more concentrated brand, while Gain is popular due to its appealing fragrance.
  • Tide is often a bit costlier than Gain.
  • Tide detergent has been in the market for a long time; however, Gain has turned out to be a popular competitor, with most people liking it for its fragrance.
  • Tide and Gain are common detergent brands, which are manufactured by Procter and Gamble.

If you want a budget-friendly choice and like the fresh odor that fragranced laundry detergents infuse into the clothes, Gain is the best option.

Similar to Tide, Gain is popular for its ability to get rid of smells and stains; however, they are even popular because of their unique range of scents.

While Tide is widely-used in homes that need additional clean-up power for stinking exercise gear and kids’ clothes, Gain works well for consumers who value a fresh fragrance at a cheap price.

The key to the success of Gain is that they endeavor to understand what their clients need.

They have realized that, apart from cleaning up power, consumers want clean and fresh smelling clothes.

Furthermore, the team at Gain learned that the kind of fragrances associated with freshness differs by culture.

Based on these insights, Gain has extended its line of products and created unique scents to attract markets worldwide.

  • Apple Mango Tango
  • Thai Dragon Fruit
  • Thai Dragon Fruit
  • Hawaiian Aloha with Febreze Freshness
  • Orange Blossom Vanilla
  • Icy Fresh Fizz with Oxi Boost
  • Tropical Sunrise
  • Island Fresh
  • Moonlight Breeze
  • Lavender
  • White Tea Lavender
  • Original Liquid

Besides developing attractive scents, they have also devoted most of their marketing to promote how astonishingly fresh Gain will make the laundry smell.


If you do not mind spending some extra money on a prized brand and one of the best-performing laundry detergents out there, Tide is the best option.

If you would like a superbly fresh fragrance left behind on the clothes, pillows, bed sheets and other types of bedding, Gain provides you with more scent choices.

Besides, you will make some savings by selecting Gain.

Ultimately, the brand you go for is an individual choice.

Some buyers like the scent of Tide, while others acknowledge that Gain offers the best clean.

The best advice is trying both Tide and Gain brands for a couple of months to decide on the best one.

You can get both products in nearly every home improvement store, pharmacy, supermarket, and Amazon.

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