7 Simple Tips Of Lighting A Room With Vaulted Ceiling

The right lighting is an essential element of great home design.

If you have ever tried to cook a meal or read a book in a poorly lit area, you know that enough illumination is important from a functional viewpoint.

Proper and cool lighting will also play a huge role in the feel and look of a room.

A vaulted ceiling will create an eye-catching look in your bedroom, which makes a room more open and bigger.

But this will depend on the proper lighting. Poorly illuminated vaulted ceiling will easily make unappealing shadow above you.

This will result in an uninviting ambiance in the room.

Staring up at a vaulted ceiling, it might look like you have limited choices when it comes to lighting; however, you have many more options than you might think.

Using the fixtures the proper way, you can make the most of this amazing architectural feature and delight in the ambiance the room is meant to have.

How to light a vaulted ceiling

  1. Recessed lights

While most ceiling lighting works well for a flat ceiling, the majority of lighting can be used with a vaulted ceiling provided that you pair them with the right adaptors.

Recessed lighting needs special housing cans meant for vaulted ceilings.

When buying housing can for a vaulted ceiling ensure it will adapt to fit the slope of your vaulted ceiling.

This type of lighting gets fitted into your ceiling and creates a light that’s facing downwards.

Recessed lighting is the best choice if your vaulted ceiling is in a room where you want to socialize, read, or work around a table.

While these lights are simple and don’t interfere with your bedroom’s décor, they do create a contemporary ambiance.

Unless you have a modern decorated room, you should stick to a more conventional lighting style like Chandeliers.

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  1. Track lights

Popularly found in retail areas and museums, track lighting provides a vaulted ceiling versatility.

You can mount the track along the wall’s sloped side.

The adjustable track heads let you aim the light at various areas of your room for even lighting.

In addition, you might aim the track heads at wall paintings or other decorative centers of attention around your bedroom.

Tracks use ceiling anchor hardware for holding lights, which are usually connected to the ceiling.

In addition, you’ll need specialized sloped ceiling anchors to install tracks on a vaulted ceiling.

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  1. Hanging lights

An example of hanging lights is chandeliers.

These provide a touch of stylishness by emphasizing the splendor of a vaulted ceiling.

These lights help in throwing light upwards and out, to every corner of your room.

Stay away from hanging lights that focus light downward.

The reason being, this can create a dark area at your ceiling’s highest point, which makes it look a bit foreshadowing.

Don’t install lights at the ceiling’s highest point.

The reason being, it will emphasize the height without the light penetrating your bedroom.

Because of this, it will make the room feel cold.

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  1. Cable lights

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Cable lights are a more flexible option of lighting for vaulted ceilings.

You can hang a wire between wall surfaces or ceiling and track heads hang along this cable.

There’s a DIY pre-packaged wire lighting kit available in the market.

This kit has almost all the elements you require to install this system.

Cable lighting looks quite modern and you can move and reconfigure it to fit tricky vaulted ceiling shapes.

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  1. Directional spotlights

These let you direct the light in your preferred direction.

In a room with a vaulted ceiling, this is often upward.

The great thing about using directional spotlights is that if you would like to read or sit, you can just direct the light to where you’re sitting.

The disadvantage of these lights is that they can adversely affect your room’s décor as they can appear a bit intrusive.

  1. Skylights

Installing these lights on a vaulted ceiling’s slopes is the best way of brightening up the ceiling space, which can get extremely dark.

To add to this, skylights can allow you to make the most of free, natural sunlight throughout the day. This means no replacement bulbs needed.

They also let you reduce energy bills while being eco-friendly.

But a sloped ceiling will also need extra artificial sources of light in bad weather, during the night, and even at daytime for better lighting on activities or chores.

  1. Pendant fixtures


Light up your room by hanging decorative pendant fixtures.

They are versatile fixtures that you can position as you like, or hang several feet from the highest point of your vaulted ceiling.

Pendants come in an array of materials and colors from colorful blown glass shapes, simple fabric wrapped drums, classic crystal chandelier looks to modern metal cylinders.

You can go for something a bit more dramatic (such as a chandelier) or practical (such as a ceiling fan).

With a vaulted ceiling, you have lots of flexibility when it comes to what kind of space-filling light fixture you are looking for.

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Do vaulted ceilings provide your house with more light?

Vaulted ceilings will provide your home with more lighting.

Not only do these lights provide bedrooms with a light and well-ventilated feeling, but they will also help in bringing more light into a room.

These types of ceilings permit placement of good skylight.

Inside the room, vaulted ceilings do a good job to display wood beams.

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Layer the lights

Finally, selecting only one type of lighting for any room isn’t enough.

It is always good to consider layered lights when incorporating lighting fixtures to any space, which includes a vault-ceiling room.

While hanging pendant lighting from the center beam and working with recessed lighting on the slope is one trendy combination, sky, wall, and track lights methods can also help in ensuring your bedroom is a uniformly lit up space.


Provided that the ceiling, together with the rest of your space, the fixtures are properly installed and are comfortably and thoroughly lit, you are well on your way to enjoying a stunning and well lit vault-ceiling room.

Hope with this information you can make your rooms look better and light up.

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